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At Premier Energy, our suppliers and service contractors are our partners. All partners contribute to our ability to deliver to our customers and, ultimately, to achieving our core purpose.

When it comes right down to it, choosing the right suppliers and service contractors and building a mutually beneficial working relationship is as important to our customers as it is to us.

Like Premier Energy itself, the suppliers and contractors we choose are known for their superior products and services, and their reliability. To ensure we optimize these partnerships, we employ a unique supplier and contactor partner programs.

Our partner program initiative is based on the key themes of consistency and professionalism. It incorporates tools, processes and resources that guide our interactions with all suppliers and contractors, including:

A systematic management methodology.
Clearly defined roles, responsibilities, policies, guidance and support for Premier Energy employees and suppliers and contractors to enable a consistent approach.
A framework for performance measurement to drive continuous improvement.
Account management, lead referral, and co-marketing opportunities.
Recognizing superior supplier and contractor performance is an important component of each partner program. Suppliers and contractors that provide exceptional products and services are recognized each year as Premier Energy’s “Platinum Preferred” suppliers and contractors of excellence.

Premier Energy Inc. is a leading provider of steam technology and services. Our Company focuses on the steam and utility needs of oil and gas, food service, steel, automotive, and independent power producers.

Premier Energy
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Through its three subsidiaries - Premier Energy Services, Premier Energy Technology, and Premier Energy Resources the company is providing professional steam engineering services, state-of-the-art enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies, and EOR project investment opportunities. Premier Energy solutions are currently deployed in hundreds of client facilities. Premier Energy Services Selected by PDVSA for Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology <<More Info

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127 East Main Street, 2nd Floor
Woodstock, Georgia 30188 USA

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