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Premier Energy Services
Founded in 1995, the Company has provided its expertise to many clients to solve their utility needs. The Company’s engineering team has broad base experience in the design of steam and electrical power generating systems. Projects cover a wide range of system designs from field erected and packaged water tube boilers, electric boilers and industrial fire tube boilers, including the utilization of wood, coal, biomass, gaseous and liquid fuels.

Premier Energy Services is a licensed engineering and construction company in most states and has professional engineers on staff licensed in approximately twenty states. All fieldwork is subcontracted to the Company’s expansive network of certified partners.

Premier Energy Services strives to provide the highest level of jobsite safety, cost controls and project schedule awareness.

Premier Energy Inc. is a leading provider of steam technology and services. Our Company focuses on the steam and utility needs of oil and gas, food service, steel, automotive, and independent power producers.

Premier Energy
127 East Main Street, 2nd Floor
Woodstock, Georgia 30188 USA

Telephone: 770-592-1398
Fax: 770-592-2316

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Through its three subsidiaries - Premier Energy Services, Premier Energy Technology, and Premier Energy Resources the company is providing professional steam engineering services, state-of-the-art enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies, and EOR project investment opportunities. Premier Energy solutions are currently deployed in hundreds of client facilities. Premier Energy Services Selected by PDVSA for Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology <<More Info

Frito Lay Chooses Premier Energy Services
for Energy Source Feasibility Study <<More Info

Premier Energy Services Selected by
Quaker Oats to Increase Steam <<More Info

Premier Energy Services Integrates Electric
Steam Solution for Bioagra LLC. <<More Info

127 East Main Street, 2nd Floor
Woodstock, Georgia 30188 USA

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