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 Premier Energy Technical Services
Premier Energy formed Technical Services and entered into the instrumentation and control industry in 2012. Technical Services provides the design, development, deployment, management and maintenance of equipment used to monitor and control various types of machinery, processes, and engineering systems in the oil and gas industry.

Technical Services offers design and deployment of new control systems, solves system problems, manage operations and support services to ensure consistent operations and compliance with current government regulations. We work independently and alongside internal and external engineers of other disciplines and management groups as part of a team in order to bring a project to completion.

Technical Services professionals bring a strong understanding of process control and instrumentation to further clarify the link between process control and automation to ensure desired outcomes are achieved. We apply proven scientific principles and utilize various instruments to realize client process control goals or objectives.

Our goal is to successfully implement process control systems, deliver uniformity of output through automation that lead to decreased costs while delivering improved management control, system visibility and flexibility.

Premier Energy Inc. is a leading provider of steam technology and services. Our Company focuses on the steam and utility needs of /span>oil and gas, food service, steel, automotive, and independent power producers.

Premier Energy
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Through its three subsidiaries - Premier Energy Services, Premier Energy Technology, and Premier Energy Resources the company is providing professional steam engineering services, state-of-the-art enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies, and EOR project investment opportunities. Premier Energy solutions are currently deployed in hundreds of client facilities. Premier Energy Services Selected by PDVSA for Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology <<More Info

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127 East Main Street, 2nd Floor
Woodstock, Georgia 30188 USA

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