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The timeline for awarded contracts to commissioning of equipment varies depending on the selected model(s), quantities, and final destination. We partner with suppliers and fabricators around the world, leveraging our relationships to ensure efficient delivery of our products to our valued customers. For example, one of our standard mobile PE-2025® steam generator trailers can be fabricated in as few as four months. The logistics requirements following fabrication vary greatly depending on the location of the costumer’s site.

Our extensive line of steam generators and water treatment trailers are designed for a service life in excess of thirty years. Given proper maintenance, our equipment will provide valuable service for years beyond the service life design parameters.

Premier Energy approaches each project on an individual basis to ensure that each customer’s particular environmental requirements are met while ensuring the most cost effective solution. By working with our vendors, Premier Energy can identify the most cost effective technology to meet emissions limits set forth by the customer.

It is dependent upon the selected field/reservoir and its unique characteristics. Some of our valued customers have seen an increase of more than ten times the output prior to employing thermal enhanced oil recovery. A more common increase is 5 to 7 times.

The fuel(s) fired and adherence to the required feedwater requirements most greatly impacts the maintenance requirements of the steam generator. Routine maintenance of pumps and fans (blowers) is normally accomplished when the steam generator is shutdown to allow the steam to “soak” the oil reservoir.

Yes, this is offered through our distributor with support from our staff engineers.

Depending on the model selected our steam generators provide:

  1. Temperature: Saturation temperature at operating pressure (534 – 703°F)
  2. Design Pressure: 900 – 3,150 psig
  3. Steam Flow: 12 – 58.5 mt/hr

Premier Energy has experience firing natural gas, light fuel oil (#2 diesel) and heavy fuel oil (#6 fuel oil) in our steam generators. In addition to these fuels, crude oil, oil emulsion, solid and other gaseous fuels can also be fired. As with any other fired heat exchanger, fuel cost, equipment cost, operation and maintenance costs and environmental regulations have a significant impact on the fuel(s) to be fired in the steam generator.

EOR steam generators can operate with a significant amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the feedwater due to the water content in the wet steam and the once-through design. The maximum allowable TDS concentration is limited by the economic feasibility of being able to remove hardness ions from the feedwater. Ion exchange softeners operating on a sodium cycle can effectively remove hardness with TDS levels up to approximately 8000 ppm. Additional technologies are available to remove hardness in water with higher TDS concentrations. In addition to requiring soft water, the feedwater shall be free of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), suspended solids, oil and grease and dissolved oxygen to minimize corrosion.

Premier Energy can supply portable (trailer-mounted) units with a nominal rating up to 40 MMBtu/hr. Semi-portable, skid-mounted 50 MMBtu/hr units can also be provided. Premier Energy can provide all units as skid-mounted for permanent installation. Stationary and barge mounted units are available up to a capacity of 141 MMBtu.

Premier Energy has, and can provide, all auxiliary equipment necessary to support the operation of the steam generators. This includes but is not limited to the fuel handling and storage, water treatment equipment and storage, site power generation and distribution equipment, steam distribution piping and personnel buildings.

As standard, all steam generators are designed and built in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section I and VIII, ASME B31.1 and NFPA 85. In addition to these codes, Premier Energy incorporates customer specifications into the steam generator design. Additionally, Premier Energy supplies the auxiliary equipment in accordance with internationally recognized codes and standards such as ASME, ANSI and API.

  1. Premier Energy’s standard design can produce steam at 90% quality.
  2. Using Premier Energy’s patented control system, and for typical operating conditions for the steam generator and steam injection header, a reduction of less than 1% between the steam quality generated and that entering the injection header is realized.

Typically the efficiency of natural gas fired steam generators is 92% and the efficiency of oil fired steam generators is 88%, based on the Lower (Net) Heating Value (LHV) of the fuel. As an option for gas fired steam generators, Premier Energy can supply condensing economizers that capture the latent heat of the moisture in the flue gas to further increase the thermal efficiency of the steam generator by approximately 4%.

Premier Energy approaches each project on an individual basis to ensure that each customer’s particular requirements are met while ensuring the most cost effective solution. Lease options and rental options are available to qualified clients.

The weights vary by steam generator model, but range from 119,000 lbs. for our smallest trailer mounted steam generator to a maximum of 275,000 lbs. for our largest skid mounted model.

The design of the units is controlled from the home office in the United States. The equipment is fabricated in: United States, China, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, and Colombia.

For answers related to your specific requirements, please reach out to us. Our company has the knowledge and the flexibility to address the variables that make your situation unique.